Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes also a manner of opportunity - Hippocrates

This intriguing, aromatic, Scotch based cocktail features Timut peppercorns, a very floral and citrusy relative to Szechuan peppercorns, and thus not a "true" pepper. These provide a mild tongue-numbing, tingling sensation that sets a welcoming state for ginger and star anise.

The combination of ginger, scotch and lemon is reminiscent of the "Penicillin" cocktail, and similar flavours play on this "cure all" philosophy. Timut & Szechuan peppercorns are predominantly used in traditional Asian medicines for digestion, high blood pressure, chronic pain and other ailments.



1 oz          Bruichladdich "The Classic Laddie" Islay Scotch
1 oz          House vermouth
.5 oz         Ginger of the Indies liqueur
.75 oz       Fresh lemon juice 
                 Burnt Star Anise (per cocktail)


Shaken, served up with burnt star anise as garnish