Peacock Symbolism

Long symbols of integrity, beauty, protection and watchfulness, the peacocks epitomize Chambar’s design aesthetic and business values. They also serve a more practical purpose. Like their ancestors who roamed the palace grounds of Eastern emperors, they guard the restaurant— especially the doorway to the wine cellar, which we like to think of as our very own treasure room.


Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magic centers on the innovative assertion that resilience is common and dependent on ordinary adaptive systems, internal and external to individuals.


Eleanor Chow

A blissful bouquet of balmy butter, And piquant pastels of mauve, magnolia and mermaid blue.


How to Win

14 of British Columbia’s top sommeliers gathered for a challenging day of wine competition to determine the “Best Sommelier of BC”. The contest was the first of its kind in the province, and Chambar’s Jason Yamasaki was crowned inaugural champion.