Peacock Symbolism

Long symbols of integrity, beauty, protection and watchfulness, the peacocks epitomize Chambar’s design aesthetic and business values. They also serve a more practical purpose. Like their ancestors who roamed the palace grounds of Eastern emperors, they guard the restaurant— especially the doorway to the wine cellar, which we like to think of as our very own treasure room.


The Electric Company Theatre

Electric Company Theatre is one of Canada’s leading creators of live theatre, rich in spectacle and adventurous in form, challenging theatrical conventions while preserving a strong sense of story.


Midsummer's Bloom

Joy, and fresh days of love, accompany your hearts. - William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream


Portia Pascuzzo

As owners we are privileged and honoured to to work with really exceptional humans. The person who greets you at the door, serves you at your table, from behind the bar, or in the kitchen - might just be the next creative genius to grace our city.