Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magic centers on the innovative assertion that resilience is common and dependent on ordinary adaptive systems, internal and external to individuals.

Ordinary Magic, a film about a boy raised with the ideals of social activism as part of his every day life. Portrayed by Aviation-gin owner Ryan Reynold’s in his debut film role, the boy is raised by his activist father in India. With his father passing when he is just 15, he is sent to live with his aunt in a small Ontario town. When adversity comes, his background fighting for social justice leads him to put on a much-publicized hunger strike, winning the respect of the local citizens. Cheers to making social comments and liquid diets!


2 oz          Aviation Gin
.75 oz       Concord grape & cardamom syrup 
.75 oz       Fresh lemon juice
1                Egg white 
1/4 tsp     Sumac
1                Star Anise (per cocktail)


Shake first 4 ingredients once without ice and then again with. 
Fine strain into coupe glass. 
Sprinkle with sumac, garnish with star anise.